Vintage Bridal Bouquet

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A stunning vintage bridal bouquet in neutral hues. Adorned with roses, protea, pampas grass, and assorted blooms—a timeless blend of elegance.


Vintage Bridal Bouquet:

Behold the enchanting vintage allure of this bridal bouquet, a symphony of neutral tones. The delicate petals of roses exude timeless romance, intertwining seamlessly with the exotic charm of protea. Pampas grass adds a touch of rustic elegance, its feathery plumes dancing in harmony with the blooms. Mixed flowers, a medley of nature’s finest, contribute a whimsical touch, enhancing the bouquet’s ethereal beauty. The neutral palette, a canvas of subdued elegance, evokes a sense of classic sophistication. This composition, a masterpiece in simplicity, mirrors the bride’s grace and the timeless essence of love. As she walks down the aisle, this bouquet becomes a poetic expression of her journey, a fragrant emblem of the past, present, and the promises of a beautiful future.

Send us images of bouquets you have found, Our talented florists will recreate as close as possible. Please note all subject to availability in South Africa and if seasonal flowers.

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