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  • A Flower Envelope Flower Arrangement

    R 480.00

    Blooms in a Box: Unveil the charm of our Envelope Flower Box Arrangement, a unique blend of elegance and innovation. Delicate blooms, artfully curated, spill from a stylish envelope-shaped container, creating a captivating floral masterpiece. This distinctive arrangement features a harmonious mix of colors and textures, showcasing nature’s beauty in a modern design. Perfect for expressing sentiments or enhancing your space with a touch of sophistication, our Envelope Flower Box is a thoughtful gift and a stunning decor accent. Elevate any occasion with this extraordinary presentation, where the enchantment of flowers meets the allure of contemporary design, making a lasting impression on hearts and spaces alike.

  • A Round Hat Box

    R 500.00R 1,800.00

    Colorful mixed flowers in an elegant round flower box. Bring joy and beauty to any occasion with this charming gift. Perfect for you or a loved one!

  • ceramic upright

    A1 – Mixed Flowers in a Ceramic Vase Upright

    R 460.00R 850.00

    Nestled within a ceramic vase, a splendid arrangement comes to life. Elegant roses and a delightful assortment of mixed flowers unite, creating a captivating tapestry of nature’s finest blooms. Created in an upright design

  • Flowers in Glass Vase

    A1 – Mixed Flowers in a Glass Vase

    R 650.00R 2,400.00

    Mixed Flowers in a Glass Vase – A selection of the best flowers chosen by us at the market. Typically a combination of Roses, Lillies, germini, fillers, babies breathe and greenery. Each bouquet is a harmonious blend of colors and textures, carefully arranged to captivate the eye and uplift the spirit. Presented in a standard glass vase adorned with a charming bow, it’s the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether to express love, convey congratulations, or simply bring joy, our mixed flower arrangement is sure to make a lasting impression.

  • Glass vase mixed flowers

    A2 – Mixed Flowers and Lilies in a Glass Vase

    R 750.00R 2,400.00

    A2 presents a mesmerizing ensemble of Mixed Flowers and lilies in a Glass Vase, a captivating Mother’s Day gift that intertwines elegance and diversity. Each bloom tells a unique story, blending colors and fragrances to create a harmonious symphony of beauty. The graceful lilies add an aura of purity and sophistication, while the assorted flowers infuse vibrancy and joy. Nestled within the transparent vessel, they radiate timeless charm, symbolizing the multifaceted nature of a mother’s love. This thoughtful arrangement transcends ordinary gifts, serving as a constant reminder of appreciation and admiration. It embodies the enduring bond between mother and child, a perennial expression of gratitude and affection.

  • Flowers in ceramic vase

    A2 – Mixed Flowers in a Ceramic Pot

    R 460.00R 850.00

    Mixed Flowers in a Ceramic Pot – Typically a combination of Roses, Lillies, Germini, fillers, babies breath and greenery, placed in a ceramic container. Each bloom is carefully selected for its beauty and freshness, creating a harmonious display of colors and textures. The ceramic pot adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Whether as a thoughtful gift or a stunning centerpiece, our mixed flower arrangement is sure to bring joy and warmth to any occasion, spreading love and beauty with every petal. Brighten any room with our vibrant mixed flower arrangement in a chic ceramic pot.

  • Mixed Flowers Bunch

    A3 – Mixed Flowers Bunch / Wrap

    R 500.00R 3,900.00

    Mixed Flowers Bunch / Wrap – Bouquet of the finest market blooms—Roses, Lilies, Germini, fillers, Baby’s Breath, and greenery. Wrapped in cellophane with a bow for an elegant touch.

  • wrap of mixed roses

    A3 – Mixed Roses in a Wrap

    R 540.00R 2,000.00

    Mixed Roses in a Wrap –

    Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of our Mixed Roses in a Wrap. This delightful bouquet features a vibrant array of roses, each bloom contributing to a symphony of colors and fragrances. Whether it’s the passionate red, the soft blush of pink, or the sunny warmth of yellow, this arrangement is a visual feast for the senses. Carefully wrapped for a touch of elegance, it’s the ideal gift to convey sentiments of love, joy, or appreciation. Share the beauty of these mixed roses, a timeless expression of nature’s grace that brightens any space and brings joy to the heart.

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  • red roses in a wrap

    A3 – Roses in a Wrap

    R 540.00R 3,500.00

    Roses in a Wrap – Timeless roses, baby’s breath, fillers, and greenery—pick your rose color at checkout. Wrapped in cellophane, tied with a bow, a perfect gift for any occasion

  • ceramic

    A3 – Vibrant Mixed Flowers in Elegant Ceramic Pot

    R 850.00R 1,200.00

    Vibrant Mixed Flowers in Elegant Ceramic Pot: Handpicked market blooms in a chic ceramic pot – Roses, Lilies, Germini, and more for a stunning floral display.

  • Basket of mixed flowers

    A4 – Basket of Mixed Flowers

    R 650.00R 1,800.00

    Delightful combination of Roses, Lillies, Germini, fillers, babies breathe and greenery arranged in basket.

  • wooden-basket

    A4 – Enchanting Floral Basket

    R 650.00R 1,800.00

    Enchanting Floral Basket overflows with a delightful combination of roses, lilies, germini, fillers, baby’s breath, and greenery. A perfect blend of beauty and charm to bring joy and brightness to any space.

  • ladies hamper

    A4 – Hampers for Ladies

    R 650.00R 1,500.00

    Hampers for Ladies – Hampers for the Mothers Day, each one is different. We typically put chocolates, fresh fruits, juice, biscuits, chips, sweets, crackers, dips and other goodies. Contents vary from hamper to hamper. Delivery is not included. – Treat Mom to a personalized Mother’s Day hamper, tailored with love and filled with an array of delights. Whether she craves indulgence or prefers wholesome snacks, there’s something special for every taste. Celebrate Mom with a hamper that speaks volumes of your appreciation and affection.

  • cheese wine and biscuits hamper

    A8 – Cheese, wine and biscuit hamper

    R 1,450.00

    Ceramic mixed flower arrangement with 6 assorted Krispy Kream donuts with foil balloon.

  • baby boy combo

    Baby Boy Celebration Combo

    R 1,560.00

    Baby Boy Celebration Combo – a sweet bundle of joy to celebrate the newest addition to your family! Think of a bouquet of colorful blooms paired with a cozy baby blanket, a cuddly soft toy, and a cheerful balloon. Whether it’s for a baby shower or to greet the new arrival, each item adds a touch of happiness to the celebration, making it an unforgettable moment filled with love and laughter.

  • baby celebration

    Baby Boy’s Bouquet Teddy Bliss

    R 785.00

    Baby Boy Celebration flowers with teddy bear and balloon.

  • baby breath bouquet

    Baby Breath Bouquet

    R 750.00

    Baby Breath Bouquet Elegant and timeless, a bouquet of baby’s breath and cape flowers conveys love and joy in a harmonious dance of purity and vibrant hues.

  • ceramic in pinks

    Baby girl celebration

    R 460.00R 850.00

    Baby girl celebration – Overflowing with a vibrant assortment of mixed flowers, this stunning arrangement is nestled in a ceramic vase. Let its blossoms dance in the air, spreading warmth and enchantment to all who behold them, marking the beginning of a cherished journey with your little princess.

  • baby girl combo

    Baby Girl Celebration Combo

    R 1,480.00

    Baby Girl Celebration Combo – Baby Girl Celebration flowers (Medium Ceramic) with baby blanket and soft toy. The toys may vary according to availability

  • Baby Girl celebration

    Baby girl celebration with Balloon

    R 550.00R 950.00

    Baby girl celebration with Balloon – Celebrating a baby girl arrival. Celebrate the joyous arrival of a baby girl with our delightful Baby Girl Celebration Bouquet. This charming arrangement pairs vibrant mixed flowers with a ceramic vase, creating a whimsical display that radiates happiness and love.

  • mixed flower black box

    Beautiful Bright Roses in a Box

    R 1,200.00

    The Beautiful Bright Roses in a Box are an everlasting Mother’s Day gift, embodying simplicity and elegance. Each vibrant bloom exudes timeless beauty, symbolizing enduring admiration for a beloved mother. Nestled within their box, they exude a sense of grace and sophistication, capturing the essence of love in its purest form. This thoughtful gesture transcends fleeting moments, becoming a perpetual reminder of a mother’s unwavering presence and nurturing spirit. With every glance, these radiant roses evoke cherished memories, eternally expressing gratitude and affection. A symbol of enduring love, they adorn any space with their vibrant hues, a timeless tribute to maternal love.

  • Basket-Large

    Blooming Basket of Delight

    R 850.00R 1,400.00

    Blooming Basket of Delight holds a beautiful mix of roses and vibrant flowers, adorned with a pretty bow. A delightful arrangement that brings joy and brightness to any space.

  • flower wine and choco combo

    Blooms and Bliss Combo

    R 1,270.00

    Blooms and Bliss Combo: Flowers, Chocolate, Wine Combo: A delightful trio to brighten your day or surprise someone special.

  • Bountiful Blooms in Ceramic Vase

    Bountiful Blooms in Ceramic Vase

    R 650.00

    Bountiful Blooms in Ceramic Vase: Charming mix of Proteas, Roses, and Flowers in a ceramic vase. Elevate your space with grace!

  • Bridal Bouquet Abstract Drop

    Bridal Bouquet Abstract Drop

    R 1,100.00

    Bridal Bouquet Abstract Drop: Cascading elegance with drop roses, mixed blooms, and lush greenery—a poetic expression of love’s timeless beauty.

  • teardrop greenery bouquet

    Bridal Bouquet Greenery Creation

    R 350.00R 850.00

    Bridal Bouquet – Greenery Creation

    Bridal Bouquet – The finishing touch to a bride’s big day. Tied to perfection or embellished with love.
    Bouquets for brides and brides maids

  • button hole

    Buttonholes or Boutonnieres

    R 70.00

    Buttonholes or Boutonnieres, are small floral arrangements typically worn by men on their lapels during special occasions like weddings or formal events. These mini bouquets often consist of a single flower or a small cluster, coordinating with the overall floral theme of the event. Buttonholes add a touch of elegance and serve as a symbolic accessory, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the occasion.

    For Matric Dances and Weddings Rose colours of your choice added onto a mans suit and placed in a simple but elegant container.

  • Cape Flower Wrap

    Cape Flowers Bunch / Wrap

    R 700.00

    Cape Flowers Bunch – exquisite bouquet of Cape Flowers, showcasing nature’s vibrant poetry and celebrating a spectrum of colors.

  • carnations

    Carnations in a Ceramic Vase

    R 800.00

    Carnations in a ceramic Vase – The carnation flower symbolizes Love, Captivation and Distinction and today. It’s no wonder that it’s so widely used and is the main star of many wonderful Mother’s Day bouquets. It also makes a lovely addition to any bunch because of its long-lasting freshness and fragrance.

  • Yellow and orange mixed flower basket

    Charming Floral Basket Blis

    R 880.00

    A delightful wooden basket holds enchanting orange roses, graceful lilies, and lush greenery. Let nature’s charm brighten your space with this captivating arrangement.

  • Christmas Wreath and candle 2

    Christmas Round Wreath

    R 650.00

    Christmas Round Wreath – Adorned with an array of traditional holiday elements like pine cones, berries, and ornaments, it exudes timeless elegance. Embrace the spirit of the season with our Christmas Round Wreath, and let its beauty inspire warmth and merriment throughout your home.

  • Silk Roses

    Christmas Silk Roses

    R 2,400.00

    Christmas Silk Roses – A gorgeous Christmas arrangement with beautiful dark red silk roses.

    Transform your space into a winter wonderland with our Christmas Silk Rose Arrangement. Immerse yourself in the beauty of lifelike roses, meticulously crafted in festive hues, evoking the spirit of the season. This enchanting arrangement adds a touch of elegance to your holiday decor, capturing the timeless allure of roses in full bloom. Delicate silk petals and lush greenery create a stunning visual feast, perfect for tabletops or as a captivating centerpiece. Embrace the joy of the holidays with this everlasting symbol of love and beauty, bringing the magic of Christmas to life in a blossoming display of sophistication.

  • Christmas table arrangement

    Christmas Table Arrangement

    R 750.00

    Christmas Table Arrangement

    Embrace the season with our Elegant Christmas Arrangement, a symphony of sophistication and festive charm. This meticulously crafted display blends timeless elements, from glistening ornaments to fragrant evergreens, evoking a sense of holiday magic. Each detail, from the shimmering lights to the rich color palette, contributes to an ambiance of refined celebration. This centerpiece effortlessly becomes the focal point of your festive decor, creating a captivating atmosphere for joyful gatherings. Gracefully curated and adorned with seasonal accents, this arrangement embodies the spirit of Christmas in an elegant dance of tradition and contemporary flair. Elevate your holiday festivities with this exquisite touch of opulence.

  • double candle setting

    Christmas Table Arrangement with a 2 Candle setting

    R 600.00

    Christmas Table Arrangement with a 2 Candle setting

    Illuminate your festive gatherings with our stunning Christmas centerpiece – a captivating arrangement of two candles that adds a warm and magical spark to your dinner table. Crafted with elegance and holiday charm, this centerpiece exudes seasonal joy and sophistication. The flickering candles cast a soft glow, creating an enchanting ambiance for your celebrations. Whether hosting a family feast or an intimate dinner, this centerpiece is the perfect touch to elevate your table decor. Embrace the spirit of Christmas with this exquisite addition, making every moment a cherished memory in the radiant glow of holiday cheer.

  • table with candle

    Christmas Table Arrangement with one Candle

    R 450.00

    Christmas Table Arrangement for 1 Candle setting.

    A perfect Christmas arrangement to add light to your festive dinner. Elevate your festive dinner with our Christmas Table Arrangement, designed for a single candle setting. Radiate warmth and charm as the flickering candle illuminates the holiday spirit. This perfect arrangement combines seasonal elements, creating a visually stunning centerpiece for your Christmas table. Adorned with festive touches and colors, it adds a touch of magic to your dining experience. Crafted with care, this arrangement complements the joyous atmosphere, making your Christmas dinner a memorable occasion. Let the soft glow of the candlelight enhance the festive ambiance, creating a cozy and enchanting setting for your celebrations. Illuminate your Christmas with this elegant centerpiece.

  • Christmas Wreath

    Christmas Wreath

    R 950.00

    Christmas Wreath – A beautiful 1 meter Christmas wreath that could be used as a decoration on your table or door. Adorned with an exquisite array of lush greenery, vibrant berries, and shimmering ornaments, it radiates timeless elegance and holiday magic. This Christmas Wreath promises to elevate your festivities with its enchanting presence.