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  • Bridal Bouquet Abstract Drop

    Bridal Bouquet Abstract Drop

    R 1,100.00

    Bridal Bouquet Abstract Drop: Cascading elegance with drop roses, mixed blooms, and lush greenery—a poetic expression of love’s timeless beauty.

  • teardrop greenery bouquet

    Bridal Bouquet Greenery Creation

    R 350.00R 850.00

    Bridal Bouquet – Greenery Creation

    Bridal Bouquet – The finishing touch to a bride’s big day. Tied to perfection or embellished with love.
    Bouquets for brides and brides maids

  • button hole

    Buttonholes or Boutonnieres

    R 70.00

    Buttonholes or Boutonnieres, are small floral arrangements typically worn by men on their lapels during special occasions like weddings or formal events. These mini bouquets often consist of a single flower or a small cluster, coordinating with the overall floral theme of the event. Buttonholes add a touch of elegance and serve as a symbolic accessory, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the occasion.

    For Matric Dances and Weddings Rose colours of your choice added onto a mans suit and placed in a simple but elegant container.

  • white corsage


    R 350.00R 390.00

    Corsage for Matric Dance and Weddings. Rose colours of your choice added onto a stunning diamante bracelet and placed in a simple but elegant container.

  • wedding crown

    Flower Crown

    R 250.00R 450.00

    Flower Crown – Rose or flower crown truly a beautiful classic headpiece!! Created with love & care of tiny rose flowers. Its the perfect wedding-day hair accessory or for an elegant celebration. This beautiful adornment adds a touch of romance and sophistication to any occasion, whether it’s your wedding day or a chic celebration. Each tiny rose is meticulously arranged to create a stunning visual masterpiece that effortlessly enhances your hairstyle. With its charming simplicity and graceful allure, our flower crown is the perfect finishing touch to elevate your look and make you feel like royalty. Let your inner beauty blossom with this lovely and timeless accessory that exudes timeless charm.

  • wedding flowers

    Spectacular Upright arrangement

    R 2,500.00

    Spectacular Upright arrangement – Mixed Flowers in an upright arrangement for a church ceremony. A majestic fusion of mixed flowers crafted to adorn the sacred ambiance of a church ceremony. Each bloom, carefully selected for its beauty and symbolism, rises tall in an elegant display of reverence and grace. With a harmonious blend of colors and textures, this arrangement creates a breathtaking focal point, infusing the sacred space with an aura of celestial splendor. Whether adorning the altar or lining the aisles, its towering presence evokes a sense of divine serenity and magnificence, elevating the spiritual experience for all who gather to witness the union of hearts.

  • Bridal Bouquet Abstract Drop

    Vintage Bridal Bouquet

    R 1,100.00

    A stunning vintage bridal bouquet in neutral hues. Adorned with roses, protea, pampas grass, and assorted blooms—a timeless blend of elegance.

  • wedding bouquet

    Wedding Bouquet for Brides and Bridesmaids

    R 360.00R 850.00

    Bride’s bouquet: A flourish of love in full bloom, a symbol of elegance and the heart of her unforgettable day.
    Brides and bridesmaids arrangements