Bridal Bouquet Abstract Drop

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Bridal Bouquet Abstract Drop: Cascading elegance with drop roses, mixed blooms, and lush greenery—a poetic expression of love’s timeless beauty.


Bridal Bouquet Abstract Drop:

The bridal bouquet is an ethereal cascade, a symphony of emotions in floral form. Abstract yet captivating, it features delicate drop roses that gracefully descend, intertwining with a lively mix of assorted flowers and lush greenery. Each bloom symbolizes a facet of love—roses for passion, diverse flowers for the journey ahead, and greenery for enduring vitality. Amidst this botanical poetry, baby’s breath delicately weaves through, representing purity and the airy essence of matrimony. The ensemble, meticulously curated, mirrors the bride’s unique story, a testament to the beauty found in diversity and the timeless allure of nature. This bouquet, an artful expression, accompanies the bride down the aisle, a living masterpiece that whispers tales of love and promises of a shared future.

Send us images of bouquets you have found, Our talented florists will recreate as close as possible. Please note all subject to availability in South Africa and if seasonal flowers.

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Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid bouquet, Button Hole For men, Petals, Table Arrangement


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