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  • ceramic upright

    A1 – Mixed Flowers in a Ceramic Vase Upright

    R 460.00R 850.00

    Nestled within a ceramic vase, a splendid arrangement comes to life. Elegant roses and a delightful assortment of mixed flowers unite, creating a captivating tapestry of nature’s finest blooms. Created in an upright design

  • Flowers in ceramic vase

    A2 – Mixed Flowers in a Ceramic Pot

    R 460.00R 850.00

    Mixed Flowers in a Ceramic Pot – Typically a combination of Roses, Lillies, Germini, fillers, babies breath and greenery, placed in a ceramic container. Each bloom is carefully selected for its beauty and freshness, creating a harmonious display of colors and textures. The ceramic pot adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Whether as a thoughtful gift or a stunning centerpiece, our mixed flower arrangement is sure to bring joy and warmth to any occasion, spreading love and beauty with every petal. Brighten any room with our vibrant mixed flower arrangement in a chic ceramic pot.

  • ceramic

    A3 – Vibrant Mixed Flowers in Elegant Ceramic Pot

    R 850.00R 1,200.00

    Vibrant Mixed Flowers in Elegant Ceramic Pot: Handpicked market blooms in a chic ceramic pot – Roses, Lilies, Germini, and more for a stunning floral display.

  • yellow and white coffin spray

    Coffin Spray

    R 1,000.00R 3,900.00

    Coffin spray is a gesture that carry immense meaning. The delicate beauty of white roses and the radiant warmth of yellow sunflowers intertwine.

  • Florist Choice

    R 550.00R 2,500.00

    If you are not sure what to choose because everything is beautiful – let us make the decision for you.
    Tell us your budget and we will create something beautiful.

  • Sympathy wreath

    Pink and White Rose Sympathy Wreath

    R 3,000.00

    Pink and White Rose Sympathy Wreath – Delicately crafted with a blend of pink and white roses, it symbolizes purity, grace, and eternal love. Each bloom carefully selected to convey compassion and support during difficult moments. Adorned with tender foliage, the wreath creates a serene tribute, honoring the memory of the departed with dignity and beauty. Its gentle hues evoke feelings of peace and tranquility, offering comfort to grieving hearts. As a heartfelt expression of sympathy, our rose wreath serves as a lasting reminder of love and cherished memories shared, a beacon of hope in times of darkness.

  • wedding flowers

    Spectacular Upright arrangement

    R 2,500.00

    Spectacular Upright arrangement – Mixed Flowers in an upright arrangement for a church ceremony. A majestic fusion of mixed flowers crafted to adorn the sacred ambiance of a church ceremony. Each bloom, carefully selected for its beauty and symbolism, rises tall in an elegant display of reverence and grace. With a harmonious blend of colors and textures, this arrangement creates a breathtaking focal point, infusing the sacred space with an aura of celestial splendor. Whether adorning the altar or lining the aisles, its towering presence evokes a sense of divine serenity and magnificence, elevating the spiritual experience for all who gather to witness the union of hearts.

  • glass vases white mixed flowers

    Sympathy Arrangement

    R 680.00R 1,500.00

    Sympathy arrangement typically done with Roses , Lillie’s, Germini and other fillers. With soft hues and graceful textures, the arrangement offers a comforting presence, honoring the life and legacy of the departed. As a symbol of support and compassion, it provides solace to grieving hearts, reminding them that they are not alone in their sorrow. In this display of love and empathy, we find strength and unity, honoring the journey of those who have passed with reverence and grace. State in the notes section the shades of colors that you would like.

  • sympathy coffin spray

    Sympathy Coffin Spray

    R 650.00R 2,500.00

    Sympathy coffin spray – As it adorns the final resting place, the spray offers solace and comfort to grieving hearts, a symbol of eternal peace and tranquility. Its soft hues and gentle fragrance serve as a soothing balm, guiding loved ones through moments of sorrow. In this floral tribute, we honor the journey of the departed, embracing their legacy with dignity and grace.


  • CoffinSprayRoses

    Sympathy Coffin Spray Roses

    R 650.00R 2,500.00

    Sympathy coffin spray of Roses – Each bloom is chosen for its purity and grace, symbolizing enduring love and respect for the departed. Handcrafted with care, the spray creates a serene tribute, offering solace and comfort to grieving hearts. Its gentle fragrance and soft hues provide a poignant reminder of cherished memories shared. As a final farewell, it honors the life and legacy of the departed, offering a moment of reflection and closure. With every petal, our sympathy coffin spray conveys sympathy and support, a beautiful tribute to a life well-lived and deeply missed.

  • sympathy cross

    Sympathy Flower Cross

    R 900.00R 2,500.00

    Sympathy flower cross. Typically we use Roses and Chrysanthemums. As a symbol of faith and comfort, the cross offers solace to grieving hearts, a beacon of hope in times of loss. With its graceful silhouette and gentle fragrance, it honors the journey of the departed, guiding them with dignity and grace into eternal peace. In this floral tribute, we find solace and strength to endure.

    Medium 40cm frame size without flowers
    Large 55cm frame size without flowers


  • Sympathy cross

    Sympathy Flower Cross Xlarge

    R 2,500.00

    Sympathy flower cross for the top of a coffin or display

  • Sympathy Wreath

    Sympathy Flower Wreath

    R 800.00R 2,000.00

    Sympathy Flower Wreath – Adorned with tender foliage, the wreath symbolizes the eternal cycle of life and the beauty found in memories. As it graces the solemn occasion, it becomes a beacon of hope and unity, guiding mourners through moments of sorrow. In this floral tribute, we honor the legacy of the departed with grace and compassion. The circular shape of the wreath is intended to symbolize eternal life, this arrangement is usually done in a plastic container and is easily placed on the grave.

    Frame size without flowers
    Small 16cm
    Medium 27cm
    Large 38cm

  • Funeral Garland

    Sympathy Garland Tribute Stand

    R 2,500.00

    A sympathy garland of roses, lilies and mixed flowers on a stand.

  • wedding display

    Sympathy upright arrangement

    R 1,000.00R 2,500.00

    Sympathy upright arrangement typically done with Roses , Lillie’s , germini and other fillers. We will try to use open buds for an occasion like this. It serves as a beacon of hope, guiding mourners through their journey of healing. As it graces the solemn space, it honors the memory of the departed with dignity and reverence. In this floral tribute, we find solace and unity, embracing the legacy of those who have passed with love. Starting at the large size if you would like to use this in a church arrangement.


  • wreath

    White Rose & lily

    R 1,800.00

    White Rose & lily – sympathy wreath. Our sympathy wreath, adorned with lovely white roses and lilies, offers a comforting tribute in times of grief. Symbolizing purity and remembrance, each bloom conveys heartfelt condolences and support. With its serene beauty, this arrangement serves as a gentle reminder of cherished memories shared with the departed, bringing solace and strength to those in mourning.

  • wreath stand

    Wreath Tribute Stand

    R 650.00

    Our Wreath Tribute Stand offers a dignified and elegant way to showcase floral wreaths, enhancing the beauty and significance of your heartfelt tributes. Crafted with quality and grace, our stands provide a sturdy foundation for wreaths of various sizes, ensuring they are displayed prominently and respectfully at memorial services or as a symbol of remembrance….

  • wooden love signs

    Xtras Love Stick Signs

    R 50.00

    Beautiful wooden flower signs with inspiring words hand painted on them.

    If you would like to put your own words on the sign then you would have a order a week inadvance.

    Minumium delivery order R450, this would need to be an add on or a store collection.