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  • Florist Choice

    Elegant Tulip & Rose Basket: Wine & Balloon Combo

    R 2,460.00

    Elevate celebrations with our Elegant Tulip & Rose Basket: Wine & Balloon Combo. A perfect blend of floral beauty, fine wine, and festive fun.

  • roses in heart with chocs

    Heart Shape Spectacular Creation

    R 4,650.00R 5,200.00

    Heart Shape Creation – Whether as a declaration of love or a gesture of adoration, this spectacular creation promises to ignite the flames of passion and leave an everlasting impression. An arrangement of 70 Red Roses and 30 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates in an elegant heart box, or Spectacular heart shaped arrangement of 100 Red Roses and 30 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates in an elegant heart box. As the heart-shaped arrangement unfolds, it evokes feelings of warmth and desire, captivating the soul. 

  • Elegant Romantic Combo

    Romantic Night Extravagant Combo

    R 2,420.00

    Romantic Night Extravagant Combo – Admire the elegance of Red Roses presented in a stylish glass vase box, setting the scene with timeless charm. Complementing this floral centerpiece is a bottle of Moet & Chandon Rosé Champagne, epitomizing luxury and celebration. Accompanying this delightful duo is a box of Red Lindt Chocolates, offering decadent indulgence with every bite. For a touch of romance, a scattering of red petals adds a final enchanting touch, enhancing the ambiance. Elevate your night with this luxurious ensemble, crafted to create cherished moments and lasting impressions.

  • Round Box Mixed Flowers

    Round box with mixed flowers

    R 880.00R 2,500.00

    Round box with mixed flowers, colors of your choice in a round box with babies breathe, fillers and greenery – Elevate your gifting with our enchanting round box flowers, featuring a medley of mixed roses and your selected flower hues, nestled amidst delicate baby’s breath, lush fillers, and verdant greenery. Encased in a chic round box, each arrangement is a symphony of color and fragrance, meticulously curated to evoke joy and admiration. Adorned with a satin ribbon, it’s not just a gift; it’s a gesture of elegance and affection. Whether celebrating a milestone or expressing heartfelt sentiments, this floral masterpiece embodies sophistication and beauty. Let it be a beacon of love and admiration, bringing smiles and warmth to any occasion.

  • roses in a box flowers

    Round Rose Box

    R 680.00R 2,500.00

    Round rose box – Experience elegance with our round rose box, featuring baby’s breath, fillers, and greenery, elegantly tied with a satin ribbon. Ideal for any occasion, it adds timeless charm and natural beauty to any space. Whether gracing a tabletop or adorning a shelf, this floral masterpiece adds a touch of refinement to any setting. Let its enchanting allure and fragrant blooms elevate your surroundings, turning moments into cherished memories that bloom eternally in the heart.

  • roses in box and gv double

    Spectacular double tiered

    R 4,500.00

    Spectacular double tiered arrangement of 100 Red Roses – Nestled within an exquisite hat box and glass vase, they are adorned with delicate ribbons and paper accents, enhancing their natural allure. The rich crimson hue of the roses evokes feelings of passion and romance, creating a profound visual statement. This arrangement is not simply a collection of flowers; it is a testament to love and admiration, destined to captivate and enchant all who behold it.

  • flower box

    Spectacular Protea & Mixed flowers Round Box

    R 1,600.00R 2,500.00

    Spectacular Protea & Mixed Flowers in a Round Box with a decorated Ribbon. This refined arrangement combines Protea and assorted blooms, skillfully presented in a sleek round box. Its sophisticated design and vibrant colors make it a versatile choice for various occasions. Whether as a thoughtful gift or a stylish addition to your décor, this arrangement exudes elegance and charm without overwhelming extravagance.

  • spectacular 100 roses in vase

    Spectacular roses in Glass Vase

    R 4,500.00

    Spectacular Roses in a glass vase arrangement – (100 Roses). With their rich colors and velvety petals, they create a breathtaking focal point, commanding attention and admiration. As they stand tall in the glass vase, they symbolize love, passion, and romance, evoking feelings of awe and wonder. Whether as a lavish gift or a statement centerpiece, our 100-rose arrangement promises to dazzle and delight, leaving a lasting impression.

    Vases may vary in design.

  • wedding flowers

    Spectacular Upright arrangement

    R 2,500.00

    Spectacular Upright arrangement – Mixed Flowers in an upright arrangement for a church ceremony. A majestic fusion of mixed flowers crafted to adorn the sacred ambiance of a church ceremony. Each bloom, carefully selected for its beauty and symbolism, rises tall in an elegant display of reverence and grace. With a harmonious blend of colors and textures, this arrangement creates a breathtaking focal point, infusing the sacred space with an aura of celestial splendor. Whether adorning the altar or lining the aisles, its towering presence evokes a sense of divine serenity and magnificence, elevating the spiritual experience for all who gather to witness the union of hearts.

  • balloons

    Xtras – Foil Balloons for all occasions

    R 50.00

    Complete your flower arrangement with the perfect touch of celebration by adding vibrant balloons. Choose from heart-shaped “I love you” balloons, as well as options for “Happy Birthday,” “Happy Anniversary,” or “Congratulations.”

    Simply specify your preferred balloon type in the note section when placing your order, and let the balloons convey your heartfelt message of joy and affection.