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  • Sympathy wreath

    Pink and White Rose Sympathy Wreath

    R 3,000.00

    Pink and White Rose Sympathy Wreath – Delicately crafted with a blend of pink and white roses, it symbolizes purity, grace, and eternal love. Each bloom carefully selected to convey compassion and support during difficult moments. Adorned with tender foliage, the wreath creates a serene tribute, honoring the memory of the departed with dignity and beauty. Its gentle hues evoke feelings of peace and tranquility, offering comfort to grieving hearts. As a heartfelt expression of sympathy, our rose wreath serves as a lasting reminder of love and cherished memories shared, a beacon of hope in times of darkness.

  • Funeral Garland

    Sympathy Garland Tribute Stand

    R 2,500.00

    A sympathy garland of roses, lilies and mixed flowers on a stand.

  • wreath

    White Rose & lily

    R 1,800.00

    White Rose & lily – sympathy wreath. Our sympathy wreath, adorned with lovely white roses and lilies, offers a comforting tribute in times of grief. Symbolizing purity and remembrance, each bloom conveys heartfelt condolences and support. With its serene beauty, this arrangement serves as a gentle reminder of cherished memories shared with the departed, bringing solace and strength to those in mourning.