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  • yellow and white coffin spray

    Coffin Spray

    R 1,000.00R 3,900.00

    Coffin spray is a gesture that carry immense meaning. The delicate beauty of white roses and the radiant warmth of yellow sunflowers intertwine.

  • sympathy coffin spray

    Sympathy Coffin Spray

    R 650.00R 2,500.00

    Sympathy coffin spray – As it adorns the final resting place, the spray offers solace and comfort to grieving hearts, a symbol of eternal peace and tranquility. Its soft hues and gentle fragrance serve as a soothing balm, guiding loved ones through moments of sorrow. In this floral tribute, we honor the journey of the departed, embracing their legacy with dignity and grace.


  • CoffinSprayRoses

    Sympathy Coffin Spray Roses

    R 650.00R 2,500.00

    Sympathy coffin spray of Roses – Each bloom is chosen for its purity and grace, symbolizing enduring love and respect for the departed. Handcrafted with care, the spray creates a serene tribute, offering solace and comfort to grieving hearts. Its gentle fragrance and soft hues provide a poignant reminder of cherished memories shared. As a final farewell, it honors the life and legacy of the departed, offering a moment of reflection and closure. With every petal, our sympathy coffin spray conveys sympathy and support, a beautiful tribute to a life well-lived and deeply missed.