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  • ceramic upright

    A1 – Mixed Flowers in a Ceramic Vase Upright

    R 460.00R 850.00

    Nestled within a ceramic vase, a splendid arrangement comes to life. Elegant roses and a delightful assortment of mixed flowers unite, creating a captivating tapestry of nature’s finest blooms. Created in an upright design

  • Flowers in ceramic vase

    A2 – Mixed Flowers in a Ceramic Pot

    R 460.00R 850.00

    Mixed Flowers in a Ceramic Pot – Typically a combination of Roses, Lillies, Germini, fillers, babies breath and greenery, placed in a ceramic container. Each bloom is carefully selected for its beauty and freshness, creating a harmonious display of colors and textures. The ceramic pot adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Whether as a thoughtful gift or a stunning centerpiece, our mixed flower arrangement is sure to bring joy and warmth to any occasion, spreading love and beauty with every petal. Brighten any room with our vibrant mixed flower arrangement in a chic ceramic pot.

  • ceramic

    A3 – Vibrant Mixed Flowers in Elegant Ceramic Pot

    R 850.00R 1,200.00

    Vibrant Mixed Flowers in Elegant Ceramic Pot: Handpicked market blooms in a chic ceramic pot – Roses, Lilies, Germini, and more for a stunning floral display.

  • Bountiful Blooms in Ceramic Vase

    Bountiful Blooms in Ceramic Vase

    R 650.00

    Bountiful Blooms in Ceramic Vase: Charming mix of Proteas, Roses, and Flowers in a ceramic vase. Elevate your space with grace!

  • A huddle of Roses with mixed spring flowers

    Huddle of Roses

    R 460.00

    Huddle of Roses – A bright and beautiful ceramic of Roses with mixed spring flowers in a huddle arrangement. A vibrant display that celebrates the beauty of spring. Nestled together in a bright and beautiful ceramic vessel, a cluster of radiant Roses intertwines with a colorful array of mixed spring flowers, creating a captivating scene that bursts with life and vitality. Each bloom is carefully selected to evoke joy and admiration, while the charming huddle arrangement adds a whimsical touch to any space. Whether adorning a dining table, gracing a countertop, or enhancing a special occasion, this exquisite creation brings a burst of seasonal splendor to every corner it inhabits, spreading warmth and delight wherever it goes.

  • peace lilly

    Peace Lily in a Ceramic Pot

    R 450.00

    Peace Lily in a Ceramic Pot – Spatiphyllum  or commonly known as the Peace Lily. It helps purify the air.
    Place in a cool and low light area. Keep soil moist.

  • Petite Upright Ceramic Pink

    Petite Upright ceramic

    R 400.00

    The Petite Upright Ceramic serves as a perfect add-on gift, suitable for occasions like Secretary’s Day or for expressing appreciation to teachers. Its contemporary design boasts vibrant colors, adding a touch of modern elegance.

  • Protea and roses in ceramic

    Protea and Rose ceramic

    R 700.00

    Protea and Rose ceramic – each bloom is carefully chosen to embody natural grace and allure, infusing the space with its captivating presence. Set within the elegant contours of a ceramic vase, these stunning flowers create a focal point that exudes sophistication. Whether placed on a dining table, adorning a desk, or gracing a shelf, this arrangement brings a touch of timeless elegance to any setting. Perfect for expressing affection, appreciation, or celebration, our Protea and Rose ceramic creation is a stunning tribute to nature’s splendor, enriching any space with its enchanting charm.

  • roses in ceramic

    Roses in a Ceramic Pot – A5

    R 550.00R 1,150.00

    Roses in a Ceramic Pot – A5 – created in a upright elegant design. The ceramic pot enhances the aesthetic appeal, providing a timeless backdrop for these exquisite blooms. Whether adorning a tabletop or serving as a focal point in your decor, this arrangement promises to elevate any space with its understated elegance.

  • roses in ceramic

    Roses in a Ceramic Pot – A5

    R 450.00R 850.00

    Roses in a Ceramic Pot – created in a upright elegant design. Within the ceramic confines, they symbolize resilience and beauty, a testament to nature’s ability to thrive amidst the man-made. It’s a scene that sparks curiosity, inviting a closer look at the intricate dance between the natural and the sculpted, a reminder of the beauty found in unexpected pairings.

  • roses in a spiral with chocs

    Spiral Creation

    R 870.00

    Beautiful Spiral Creation – Behold our exquisite spiral creation featuring a harmonious blend of luxurious roses and delectable Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Each meticulously crafted masterpiece intertwines the elegance of fresh blooms with the indulgence of gourmet sweets, creating a captivating visual symphony. The delicate petals of the roses spiral gracefully around the decadent chocolates, forming a captivating display that’s sure to mesmerize and delight. Perfect for expressing love, appreciation, or gratitude, this stunning arrangement is a timeless symbol of affection and sophistication. Whether it’s a romantic gesture, a heartfelt thank you, or a moment of celebration, our spiral creation is sure to leave a lasting impression.